Course curriculum

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    Unit 2: My Real Story
    • Introduction
    • Unit 2 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 2 Download and Print
    • Exercise 2.2
    • Exercise 2.3
    • Exercise 2.4
    • Exercise 2.5
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    Unit 3: How Our Stories Get Constructed
    • Introduction
    • Unit 3 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 3 Download and Print
    • Exercise 3.2
    • Exercise 3.3
    • Exercise 3.4
    • Exercise 3.5
    • Exercise 3.6
    • Exercise 3.7
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    Unit 4: Take Charge of Your Thoughts
    • Introduction
    • Unit 4 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 4.2
    • Exercise 4.3
    • Exercise 4 Download and Print
    • Exercise 4.4
    • Exercise 4.5
    • Exercise 4.6
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    Unit 5: I Want to Love 100% of Myself
    • Introduction
    • Unit 5 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 5 Download and Print
    • Exercise 5.2
    • Exercise 5.3
    • Exercise 5.4
    • Exercise 5.5
    • Exercise 5.6
    • Exercise 5.7
    • Additional Resource: How To Let Go or Release Buried Emotions And Suppressed Feelings
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    Unit 6: Dealing with Guilt and Shame
    • Introduction
    • Unit 6 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 6 Download and Print
    • Exercise 6.1
    • Exercise 6.2
    • Exercise 6.3
    • Exercise 6.4
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  • 9
    Unit 7: How to Pivot Successfully
    • Introduction
    • Unit 7 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 7 Download and Print
    • Exercise 7.1
    • Exercise 7.2
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  • 10
    Unit 8: Identifying Things that Cause Me to React a Specific Way
    • Introduction
    • Unit 8 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 8 Download and Print
    • Exercise 8.1
    • Exercise 8.2
    • Exercise 8.3
    • Exercise 8.4
    • Exercise 8.5
    • Exercise 8.6
    • Exercise 8.7
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    Unit 9: How to find Our Ideal Voice
    • Introduction
    • Unit 9 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 9 Download and Print
    • Exercise 9.1
    • Exercise 9.2
    • Exercise 9.3
    • Exercise 9.4
    • Additional Resource: Using a Signature Voice to Get Results
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  • 12
    Unit 10: Tools to Release Negativity
    • Introduction
    • Unit 10 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 10 Download and Print
    • Exercise 10.1
    • Exercise 10.2
    • Exercise 10.3
    • Exercise 10.4
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  • 13
    Unit 11: Accepting Myself to Accept Others
    • Introduction
    • Unit 11 Video [WATCH]
    • Exercise 11 Download and Print
    • Exercise 11.1
    • Exercise 11.2
    • Exercise 11.3
    • Exercise 11.4
    • Additional Resource: I AM Worthy
    • Exercise 11.5
    • Exercise 11.6
    • Exercise 11.7
  • 14
    Program Completion
    • Program Completion: Download and Print
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First of all, we must be in harmony with ourselves; we must come to accept ourselves. The best way to achieve this is never to compare ourselves with others, because the moment we do, we then judge ourselves inferior or esteem ourselves as superior, resulting in either an inferiority complex or an inflated ego. In both cases, the result is a state of disharmony. To avoid this, it is best, to begin with, the principle that each of us is a unique being and that this uniqueness gives us our worth in God’s view, as well as in the eyes of humanity. Therefore, we should hold to our standard, comparing ourselves only to ourselves—this being the key to our spiritual evolution." - Christian Bernard

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What Clients Are Saying


T. D.


I became more aware/appreciative of the need to include/consider/address the dynamics of the interpersonal relationship when conducting business. Knowledge and experience by themselves do not trump/veto the need to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships.

It has allowed me to become less anxious and less inhibited when working. I am enjoying moment more and worrying less about how/if I am going to get there.

Coaching affirmed for me that with practice, preparation, and commitment I can succeed. My limitations have inherent strengths which can play a part in my success.

S. A.

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support, Brenda. You are amazing.

We have much work ahead of us, but I feel that we all much better equipped to handle the challenge. I am sure that I can speak for the others that we deeply appreciate your commitment and professionalism.

It is such a fantastic feeling that we are now working together as a team!
Senior Auditor

W. D.

Senior Auditor

I just wanted to say thanks for all your coaching. My family also thanks you.

When I first started I was very frustrated, unhappy, and bitter. Now it takes me a lot longer to get frustrated as I no longer let issues build , I am happier because when I do incur stressful events I know how to leave them behind and I am no longer bitter as I have learned how to communicate things that frustrate me without getting upset.

The greatest change has been with my family life.  I play with my kids more, I no longer take out the bad days on them, I do not shout at my kids anymore because I have learned other ways to address discipline issues. My wife is happier because I no longer snap at her.

Thanks for everything.

M. K.


The techniques and tools I use solved my issues. It took me six months using them to be fully confident. I now work well with others and have no difficulty speaking my truth. In fact, I use the new skills at home as well. Thank you.
Senior Information Management Analyst

W. J.

Senior Information Management Analyst

The presentation went very well. I was very relaxed last evening and this morning. We were an hour behind and I had 3 interruptions (which were all great comments) and it didn’t throw me off at all.

I was confident and only turned to look at my slides for the two pictures, which were very well received. I’ve had a great deal of very positive feedback.

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and coaching. I couldn’t have done so well without you.

Look forward to our next session.

About the Coach

  • Brenda Kelleher-Flight

    Certified Professional Coach and Mediator

    Brenda Kelleher-Flight

    As a Certified Professional Coach, Brenda helps individuals and teams

    - Align their actions with their desired outcomes,
    - Master the skills necessary to plan for, achieve and measure their desired results, and
    - Achieve the working climate or life they desire.

    As well as being a Qualified Mediator and a Master Business Coach, Brenda holds a Ph.D. in Governance. She works with all types of boards and their CEOs to build strong productive teams, use time efficiently and effectively, and plan ensuring the results desired are achieved.